iPhone Hype?

I’m a strange individual. This isn’t news to me. It’s something I both appreciate and embrace. To that extent, though, I have found that I function on a pendulum. I switch back and forth between the two major options: Android and iOS. (Side note, to those of you who think it is Android and iPhone, NO. You are wrong. Android is an operating system, as is iOS, whereas iPhone is a device line.) I was using a Samsung Galaxy S5, now I have the iPhone 7, but I only went to Samsung when I took my iPhone 4S swimming in saltwater, which was a very bad time. When I had the 4S as my EDC (Every Day Carry) I also had an iPad and a MacBook Pro, all with matching skins. They were really cool, and while I had them the guys at Apple came out with a way to truly unite their products, merging things like iMessage across multiple devices like the MacBooks. I really appreciated the continuity in feel between them.

Then I switched to the Samsung world, giving me much more freedom in how I wanted to set up my entire device. You can get new home screens, new icons, entire replacement apps for things like your camera or messaging apps. The versatility of Android devices still remains, in my book at least, unparalleled. If you want to change an Android feature, you can. If you want to change iOS features, you can’t without jailbreaking it.

As I mentioned before, I have the iPhone 7 now. I would have gone with the 7 Plus but the device was just too ridiculously large. (I used to joke about how the Galaxy S5 had a ‘one handed use’ feature you could activate making the screen go into the bottom corner, left or right was your choice. Guess what happens if you lightly double-tap the home button of the iPhone 7. Yep. The screen shrinks to only the bottom half of the phone so you can reach the whole thing with just one hand.) I’m in the process, as I type this up, of downloading the newest phone update, iOS 11, which comes out for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Tangential thought: Why not call it the iPhone 10 if that’s how you want people to say it? I call it iPhone EX, as in ex-lover. I say the letter, not the Roman numeral equivalent of the number.

Anyways, as I sit here and read up more on the update and learn what all it can do, I am learning more about my car (thank you CarPlay) and more about how the continuity between Apple devices will be even stronger after iOS 11. I want a Mac again. I don’t know if I care so much for the iPad, as I only really ever used it for YouTube and either of the other devices would manage just fine. I can honestly say I do miss my old MacBook Pro, though. It was a 2010 version, right before they came out with the ‘we’re going to solder all the connections so you can’t change anything after you buy it’ versions. I’m not sure I will ever be truly satisfied with whatever computer I get. I say this not because nothing is good enough for me, but because there are features in both camps that I REALLY enjoy. Mac’s work WONDERFULLY well because of the components chosen to work together, while Windows PC’s are fully customizable and upgradeable. I appreciate both for both reasons, and I resent both for the reasons of their opponents (If that makes sense. What makes one good makes the other not as good.)

I’m not saying I’m going to run out and grab the latest Mac. No really, I’m not. I’m much too broke for that. I kind of want to, but I recognize the impracticality of that and refuse to do it. I will, however, be keeping my eye out for what comes down the pipeline from Apple. They are NOT the frontline of the next greatest thing (headphone jack, anyone?) but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. And as far as the iPhone X, 10, whatever, if they are going for a truly wireless experience where the only experience is literally just the device itself, they are slowly coming closer and closer to realizing that goal. In the meantime, I am just going to sit here semi-impatiently while the whopping 1.91 GB iOS 11 upgrade downloads to my device so I can spend all day at work tomorrow learning how it works rather than actually working.