Sleep, Rest, Neither, or Both?

Sleep. Not rest, but sleep. That’s what I have been doing for a month now. I’ve been getting at least 8 hours of sleep, and uninterrupted sleep at that, but not getting the rest I need. It’s one of the more frustrating things.

I, like many, daydream of going to sleep when I am at work. I think about how nice sleep would be, what position I would collapse in, which pillow I would use… (I have 5 different pillows, depending on my preference that night. I want more. Don’t judge. Fine, judge, just do it quietly. STOP YELLING!!!) Then it actually happens. I get home. I lay down. I go to sleep. I STAY asleep, thankfully. Then I wake up. It feels like I didn’t sleep. It FEELS like I stayed up all night. It feels as though I was PARTYING all night. I don’t even party during the day!!!

It’s not fair. The only time I felt rested after waking up, I had slept 13 hours!!! Why? Why do I need 13 hours of sleep to feel amazing when I wake up? Have I angered a god? A demigod? Is he angry that he’s a demigod and taking it out on my nighttime resting ritual? I’m afraid I’m going to need him to quit that. It’s really annoying.

I need my sleep. I needed to rant about not sleeping. Let me sleep.

Help me sleep.