Variety, Puncturing Homeostasis

I’ve moved my computer. Now, that may not seem crazy in and of itself, but think for a second. First off, it is a desktop computer, not a laptop, though that doesn’t always matter. Most people have their computer somewhere comfortable. They try to keep it in the same place, especially desktop computers, mostly out of convenience, but also out of comfort. I am a guy that likes when things change a little bit. Not a crazy amount, just a little bit. A tiny amount of variation can go a long way when introduced correctly.

Now, starting with the easy part, I moved my computer to the left about four and a half feet. There’s nothing crazy there. All is well. The crazy part is where I went from sitting at a desk to standing at my dresser. That means that this post, right here, is written while standing at my computer. “People stand at their computer all the time! What’s so crazy about it?” Let me tell you. I am a lazy, lazy man. If I don’t have to move, I usually don’t. If I can roll my chair over there to pick that paper up, guess who is rolling their chair? Yep. Me. But, that is half the reason I did it. I need to get up. I need to exercise more. I need to stop sitting and laying around. I need to stand, to function, to use my legs and back.

So, here I am. Bettering myself. At least, I hope I am bettering myself. I mean, to be fair, I am writing these words for the internet, and the internet has a really bad habit of finding something bad, something wrong, with anything you put there. To be fair, I do have a complaint. I hate this keyboard. It is an almost useless keyboard. I mean, sure the keys have a large travel distance, meaning they don’t push on accident. You have to mean to push the key before it is pressed. And sure, I like that it lights up and stuff. Sure, it’s cool. But comfort wise, it isn’t there.

Because I am the type of guy that can do this, I just swapped out my keyboard. I went from a gaming keyboard, all bright and shiny and cool, to a super simple, super cheap Logitech keyboard. Dramatic improvement. Sure, the keys don’t have lights around them (because the lights don’t even penetrate the keycaps, cheap bastards), and sure, the keys don’t have to depress as far before activating, but the overall feel of the keyboard has dramatically improved. The responsiveness of the keyboard, probably because it is designed to be used for typing, is dramatically improved. I guess everything has its place. These are the things you learn when you move your computer, don’t ya know?




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