Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today, as that is the purpose of this post as advertised by my overly informative title, is Tuesday. Tuesday in my work schedule is like the average cubicle dweller’s Sunday. The end of my weekend. It has come, and now it goes. My room is significantly cleaner than it was when this weekend (Monday-Tuesday) began.

Okay, so let’s talk about my room. I have a single room to myself. I do not live alone. I have acquired the possessions one would expect of a 24-year-old, assuming you skew your expectations to the tech end of the spectrum. I have acquired those possessions, and have crammed them all into a single room that has no closet. Unfortunate side effect? My room is never truly CLEAN. It may be more organized than normal, and I may be able to move around a little more effectively than normal, but I have never, in the years of being in this room, managed to find a way to become truly clean and organized within these four walls.

I’m getting there. I am working slowly towards getting things in order. Getting the right shelves, drawers, desk, etc. to put all the things I have, working towards getting rid of old stuff, and repurposing even more, all working towards an end goal of cleanliness. I have found out that my cleaning style is not the best, but it is the best I can manage in these four walls. I have also realized that if I try to tackle the whole thing at once, I will break someone. I must go slow to win the race, if the tortoise is to be believed as I think he should be.

It’s actually a really good way to work if there is a mountain of work to be done. You wade into the middle of this version of hell, and clean yourself a circle. It doesn’t have to be a large circle. It has to be a circle you can begin to feel comfortable in. Then, you slowly work your way out from the circle. Every time you get tired of cleaning, or you feel overwhelmed, retreat to the circle. Keep that circle pristine, otherwise, your safety net is gone. Slowly work your way out in every direction, always making sure to pick up after yourself in the already cleaned areas, and eventually, you will be doing maintenance rather than repairs.

That has been the majority of my day, to be honest. If I wasn’t cleaning, I was watching Sherlock on Netflix, because Sherlock is one of my favorite shows ever and it takes too damn long to make a season. Normally, on a typical day off, I would be playing Minecraft, because I have a problem, and Minecraft is the name of that problem. Minecraft is a post all by itself… I’m not going there right now. Today, though, it couldn’t hold my interest. I believe it is because I have decided to start playing it standing up. I think that affected my desires to play games in general that weren’t on my phone. Anyways, I managed to be rather productive. That’s the point I was trying to make. It was a day off, a day where I didn’t have to do anything, yet I remained productive.

Go me.



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